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The Ultimate Tool for Interactive Strategic Planning

dNodes.io is your ultimate tool for strategic planning, featuring a flexible and user-friendly web interface. With dNodes.io, early decisions and risks can be easily assessed and communicated, laying a solid foundation for project success.

Decision Trees

Drag and drop decision nodes, chance nodes and end nodes to build the main problem structure. Copy, paste or move branches and add annotations.

Intuitive interface

Facilitate for interactive strategic planning using our web-based and intuitive interface. Engage in thoughtful, collaborative discussions to uncover key insights.  


Use variables to assign payoffs to branches in the tree. Determine how uncertain variables will impact the expected pay-off, accumulated uncertainty and optimum path.


Calculate the tree, highlight the optimum path, add milestones and compare alternative strategies and possible outcomes for additional insight.


Bar charts, distribution charts, tornado diagrams and waterfall diagrams. For any node or branch in the tree.


Export your decision tree in PNG, SVG or Pdf-format. Vector-based export enables high-resolution images in presentations or prints.


Save and download your analysis in a compact .JSON format. Send it off to colleagues for input or load it on any computer for team reviews.


Get access to important software updates as part of your subscription plan. No installs required, completely hazzle free.

No installation. No plugins. No outdated user interface. No complex simulations. Yet, truly powerful!

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New to decision analysis, and want to try things out? Or just havn’t found your favourite decision tree application yet? Try dNodes.io for free and see what you think. We’re confident you will be impressed.

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How Do You Explain...

When others are able to decide and achieve results that you never even thought about?

Use dNodes.io to portray the impact of future decision alternatives and events to help you make well-informed strategic decisions.

Decision Tree Software Demo

Decision Tree Module

dNodes.io is the first ever web-based decision tree tool that can instantly calculate and visualise decision trees with statistical distributions. Milestones can be connected to decisions and outcomes and visually reflect time consequences.

How to Build a Decision Tree
Variables Module

dNodes.io solves trees with variables and distributions without requiring Monte Carlo simulation. This reduces the user threshold significantly and enables running dNodes.io directly in a web browser."

Decision tree distributions

Good Decisions Matter

Use dNodes.io to evaluate the trade-off between alternatives and ensure risks are addressed. Use dNodes.io to align team members and set focus on the right issues. Because good decisions matters.

dNodes.io The basics
The basics

Learn the basics of dNodes.io in our first video. You will see how easy it is to build and modify a decision tree.

dNodes.io Working with variables
Working with variables

See how variables can help you update payoffs, making it easier to revise assumptions and explore new perspectives.

dNodes.io Risks and sensitivities
Optimal path and charts

Learn how the optimal path, along side visual charts, can provide additional insights and improve your decision-making process.


We teach you how to apply a logical and consistent framework to solve different decision problems. From 60-minute lunch&learns to full-day courses tailored to your needs. Here are a few examples:

T01 - Tailored focus session

Our focus sessions are divided into three parts. First, an intro to using decision analysis for strategic decision-making. Second, discussing the client's decision problem: overview of problem situation, key issues, problem structure and risks. Lastly, evaluating the cost-benefit and potential next steps.

T02 - Framing and Problem Structuring

Learn techniques to frame and structure problems effectively, align team members, and maximize value creation. Identify key decisions, risks, and uncertainties early on. Present decision alternatives, value drivers, risks. Use results and charts to make clear recommendations.

T03 - New Technologies

Learn to assess and compare technologies using technology readiness levels and novelty categories. Calculate technology risks and integrate them into your problem structure. Communicate value drivers, compare alternatives, and differentiate between enabler and enhancer technologies.

Here’s Why We Created dNodes.io

“dNodes.io is designed to promote active use of decision analysis methodology and to encourage team collaboration. With dNodes.io, you can experience the power of decision modeling firsthand, sketching out strategies live in a meeting, testing assumptions, and structuring discussions. At last, project teams and management can experience the power of decision modelling hands-on!”

Erlend Glømmen, dNODES.com

Want to Talk with Us?

We offer unique support from our highly experienced decision analysis professionals. Questions, concerns or feedback? Need advise on how to structure a decision problem? Get in touch, we’re always here to help.