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The Ultimate Tool for Interactive Strategic Planning

While decision analysis software can be a valuable resource in the decision-making process, the real value lies in the insightful, high-quality conversations held by the decision-making team. By prioritising open and honest communication, challenging assumptions, and exploring alternative viewpoints, decision-makers can arrive at more robust and effective solutions. is the ultimate tool for interactive strategic planning.

Decision Trees

Drag and drop decision nodes, chance nodes and end nodes to build the main problem structure. Copy, paste or move branches and add annotations.

Intuitive interface

Facilitate for interactive strategic planning using our web-based and intuitive interface. Engage in thoughtful, collaborative discussions to uncover key insights.  


Use variables to assign payoffs to branches in the tree. Determine how uncertain variables will impact the expected pay-off, accumulated uncertainty and optimum path.


Calculate the tree, highlight the optimum path, add milestones and compare alternative strategies and possible outcomes for additional insight.


Bar charts, distribution charts, tornado diagrams and waterfall diagrams. For any node or branch in the tree.


Export your decision tree in PNG, SVG or Pdf-format. Vector-based export enables high-resolution images in presentations or prints.


Save and download your analysis in a compact .JSON format. Send it off to colleagues for input or load it on any computer for team reviews.


Get access to important software updates as part of your subscription plan. No installs required, completely hazzle free.

Decision Tree Software Demo

Unique software is different from any other decision tree software. We offer a beautifully intuitive and web-based application, at a competitive price.

No installation. No plugins. No outdated user interface. No complex simulations. Yet, truly powerful!

Ask us for a one-on-one demo, and we will be more than happy to demonstrate the software’s unique capabilities.

How Do You Explain...

When others are able to decide and achieve results that you never even thought about? Or better yet, how do you explain when things don't go as planned with a business decision that you have made?

Decision analysis software is designet to help provide you with the insights necessary to make the best, most informed strategic decisions for your business.

Explore decision analysis software and its unique features, use cases, and benefits in our Resource section.

Best Decision Tree Software


Access from any computer. Benefit from real-time team collaboration.


Drag and drop decision, chance and end nodes. Labels, payoffs and probabilities.


Beautifully designed interface. Interactive data panels and option menus.


Single and multiple trees. Variables and sensitivities. Print, save and share your analyses.

Good Decisions Matters

Use to evaluate the trade-off between alternatives, and making sure that risks and uncertainties are identified and addressed. Good decision-making skills within a company is critical, they increase the likelihood that the right choices are being made. Use to align team members and set focus on the right issues. Because good decisions matters.

25 Relevant Use Cases

Decision Tree Module is the first ever web-based decision tree tool that can instantly calculate and visualise decision trees with statistical distributions and milestones.

How to Build a Decision Tree
Variables Module

This is solved without the use of Monte Carlo simulation which significantly reduces the user threshold and makes it possible to run in a web browser. Milestones can be connected to decisions and outcomes and visually reflect time consequences.

Decision tree distributions

Clear strategies and priorities is the software of choice for fast growing businesses because it helps executive teams to clarify their strategy and priorities. The basics
The basics

In this video we demonstrate the basics of You will see how easy it is to build and modify a decision tree, as well as some of the most useful layout options and settings. Working with variables
Working with variables

Working with variables is an alternative to assign payoffs directly in a tree. In this video we demonstrate how you can use variables as an effective and systematic way to update payoffs in the tree, or for more advanced calculations using our extensive math library. Risks and sensitivities
Probabilities and charts

Making the correct decisions are vital for your business. We demonstrate how the decision tree provides you with the optimal path, and how you can use visual charts such as distribution charts, tornado diagrams and waterfall diagrams, to provide additional insight.

Here’s Why We Created It

“ is designed to reduce the complexity of decision analysis software. Above all, it enables more active use of decision analysis methodology and encourages team collaboration. Furthermore, allows you to sketch out strategies live in a meeting, to test assumptions and structure discussions. At last, project teams and management can experience the power of decision modelling hands-on, through an intuitive, yet powerful application!”

Erlend Glømmen,

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