Big-bet decisions and the chance for undesirable outcomes

March 13, 2023By Erlend GlømmenResources

  Big-bet decisions are pivotal for shaping a company’s future and represent the most critical choices that its leaders must make. Typically, these decisions are the responsibility of the top management team and the board. However, even for accomplished entrepreneurs, success is not a foregone conclusion. This is what makes decision-making both fascinating and challenging: … Read More

Effective Decision-making and the Value of Insightful, High-quality Conversations

February 28, 2023By Erlend GlømmenResources

  This post discuss the value of insightful, high-quality conversations in decision analysis. While decision analysis software and other analytical tools are undoubtedly helpful, the real value of this method lies in the discussions held by the decision-making team. Effective decision-making requires input from multiple stakeholders, each with their own perspective and expertise. By engaging … Read More

4 Top Reasons to Incorporate Decision Tree Software in iDeaXQ (a hypothetical company)

February 27, 2023By Erlend GlømmenResources

  Here is a summary transcription from the CEO of iDeaXQ (a hypothetical company), on why they thought it would be beneficial for their organisation to implement and utilise decision tree software in their strategic decision-making processes. “I believe that incorporating decision tree software in our strategic decision-making process would be a valuable addition to … Read More

25 Decision Analysis Use Cases from Different Industries

February 27, 2023By Erlend GlømmenResources

  Problem structuring in the form of decision trees enables decision-makers to identify key decisions and possible outcomes, analyse scenarios and assess the potential impact of different options, so they can choose the best course of action. Whether you’re looking to improve your strategic planning, manage risk, or optimise your resource allocation, decision analysis software … Read More